Parent come to school…

In Pendidikan Jepang on Juli 29, 2006 at 6:38 am

Jugyou sanka

As a parent, have you ever thought what teacher do to your children in the class ? how they teach them ? or have you ever considered your children behaviour at school ?

I believe all parents who have children studied at school have a big curiosity what actually happened at school, but they do not have a chance to interact deeply with school community, especially in most of under developed or developing countries.

Since the case of violences, bullying, truancy etc increased in Japanese schools in 1980s, Ministry of Education asked parents and local community to pay attention in children safety, particularly children education at school. It means create the future of children does not depend on the hand of teacher only, but parents should play their role also.

One of the stake holder which ask seriously to play a main role is PTA (Parent Teacher Association) which is introduced in Japanese educational system since 1946 when US mission of educational reform came to Japan after World War II. The main purpose of PTA at that time was furthering the democratic education system, but recently have changed to be more represent japanese real condition. Not just spread the idea of freedom but parents in japan asked to create good learning circumstance, joyful atmosphere of learning for their children. Therefore, parents invited quiet often to see the school`s activities.

One of them is `jugyou sanka` , means parents attend the class and observe the learning process there. Through this activity, parents are expected to know the real situation that teachers have to face, what a difficult of their duties, and finally parents are also supposed to think how to improve their children educational process. At the same time parents have a chance also to evaluate the teachers directly and suggest them for improving the teaching methodology or just inform them about the specific behaviour of the kids and how to deal with this problem.

Recently, PTA`s activities in Japan are spreading in many kind of activities, not just jugyou sanka but also join in `kondankai`, an event conducted to do some interesting activities for children, for example traditional festival, sport competition, culture event, etc.

Regarding to that fact, i was thinking about parent participation in educational matters in my country. In Indonesia, people still have strong opinion that parent participants means some donation to develop the school facilities. This narrow minded seems unsuitable if we think that parents have a big potency to improve the educational system at school. Their `brilliant` idea sometimes come up and school administrators have to consider. Particularly in the era of the implementation of School Based Management, I think school should encourage them to share more participation in order to develop the education which can produce the students with enough knowledge, strong personality, skillful, creative and innovative.

We must reconstruct our parent association system…..

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