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Friday, May 26, 2006
Aging Society (Tulisan di Blog `Belajar dari Alam`)


The number of aging people in Japan increases quickly and creates many society problems nowadays and in the future.

As a self finance student in Japan, -if you`re not from the rich family-you can`t survive with the crazy price here without doing part time job (arbaito). Me, neither ! I started two months ago, working in one restaurant and another job is making donuts in one of the famous donuts company here,`Mr.Donuts`.I do not want to tell you about that arbaito, but i want to share `a new life` that i found in the early morning when i go work .

My work starts around 6 am, and for that I have to take the first underground train which departs at 5.32 am. I always still feel sleepy and so lazy to move my body and go in a hurry to catch the train! But i try to find some funny things on the way going and back.First, i know that most of the passengers of the train in the early morning are the old people, up to 60 years old, we called `obaachan (grandma) and ojiichan (grandpa)` . In Japan most of the population are old people (aging society) due to the good health facilities, food, and easy life. Women have life span about 75 years old and man about 70 years old. Sometimes i found them bring a lot of luggage and nobody cares. They still strong and energetic !

On the train I met the same persons everyday, sitting on the same seat, using the same bags, or doing the same things also, just read a news paper-especially sport page-or continuing to sleep which of course, itsn`t enough ! Some of them meet each other on the train then just start chatting until the destination. One of the obaachan get on the train at the same station with me. We always start our early morning saying `ohayo gozaimasu ` (good morning) then while waiting the train, we continue to talk about many thing-weather topic, daily life and sometime Japanese custom- that i enjoy it much.

That obaachan also doing arbaito as a cleaning service staff in one big building in the middle of Sakae, the busiest city in Aichi prefecture. She does arbaito for such reasons that i never heard before. She has one son and one daughter, the daughter already married and lives apart from her, but the son still stay with her. As Japanese young boy -who still difficult for me to understand their behavior nor the characteristics-that son also somehow is temperamental man whom his mother can`t say a single word to him unless make him angry ! Really bad boy !!The problem is not only the son, that obaachan actually has such terrible pain on her waist, but since no joy that she can find at home, she prefer to work outside. She said that seeing me or other persons on the train, just say ohayou gozaimasu, impulse her spirit and she forget the pain. She doesn`t need money, indeed, but there are no option to cheer your life at home except doing arbaito.

I found the interesting thing in this society, even though they have a good life as human being, but that `good life` means only in the material or physics, not for their heart or happiness`.

I believe most of parents think that the wonderful life is if you can life together with your family, your grand children, your sons, daughters in a good relationship. But this condition seems rare in Japan.

I miss my mom….
Mom, Dad, i love you….

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  1. ya sama dunk,mbak
    saya juga kangen pulang kerumah
    tapi mungkin lebih kangen mbak kali ya

    selama kuliah ini, saya juga jarang pulang
    lebaran kemarin saya juga ga pulang kerumah
    apalagi lebaran idul adha nanti
    kayaknya ga bisa pulang lagi

    makalah seminar belum diACC ma dosen
    skripsi belum kelar
    terus dosennya susah ditemui
    bisa ditemui harus dirumahnya
    padahal itu masih jam kerja
    harusnya, dosen ngantor dunk
    apalagi ada mahasiswa yang butuh tanda tangan seperti saya

    ya udah selamat homesick

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