Challenge my English !
I bookmarked this link and found new interesting words every day. To remember those words, I force myself thinking sentences with those new words.

1) expostulate (v): to reason earnestly to someone against something that persons intends to do or has done

Nobody will let himself despised, though he is. Man has a conscience to expostulate an allegation to him.
“I was eating my last choco in my room when he was supposed to be died”, expostulated the young man staunchly. 
I try to expostulate my intuition that the job doesn’t fit my obsession. 

2) profligacy (n) : reckless extravagance; shameless dissoluteness,;great abundance

Profligacy is a daily attraction in our TV channels. Nobody can stop it, though criminals arise among our children who try to mimic those amoral behavior.
“The profligacy of the budget this year beyond our calculation”, the Minister explained. 
If you want to make a creative work as much as possible, leave the profligacy.

3) sprat : a small or inconsequential person or thing; A species of herring, Clupea sprattus, of the eastern North Atlantic

Don’t ever be deceived by the sprat man who only dwell on money and pettiness of mind.
I never think he is no bigger than sprat.
Person who always act on his father name, is no bigger than sprat.

4) gasconade : extravagant boasting; boastful talk (n); to boast extravagantly; bluster (v)

A gasconade is a way to deride our foolishness
A gasconade is a style of  the loser to slam himself
Government who work in earnest is the one come with realistic policies not the gasconade promises.

5) desinence (n) : a termination or ending, as the final line of a verse, suffix of word

All of us have to try do the best till desinence of our life.
The desinence of the story is tearful.
A true traveller always put a destination, but the travel itself actually does not have certain desinence.

6) viscid (adj) :1. Having a glutinous consistency; sticky; adhesive.2. Botany. Covered by a sticky substance.

Without an appropriate treatment, the orchid stem covered by a viscid yellowish mucus
I don’t like natto, a traditional soybean food of Japanese, because is viscid.
The criminal tried to run away when the police was running after him, but he was stucked on the viscid fluid






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